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The president of the community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes's, mastergate has not only ruined her political career but has caused damage to Spanish universities and very specifically to Madrid's King Juan Carlos University which it will take a long time to recover from. The central disgrace due to the fake masters, the knowledge that it hasn't been the only case and that investigations will have to continue and the confirmation of the old suspicions that those around the PP party acted at leisure to get degrees should have had three consequences, none of which has yet happened: in first place, Cifuentes's resignation. The fact that the president is hanging on in the role at any price after everything that has been learnt says a lot about her morals but also about her party's backside, capable of taking the hits necessary to stay in the chair.

In second place, it says a lot about Ciudadanos that they are acting in the matter much more to ensure they get the votes from Madrilenians disillusioned with PP in the next election that to benefit the Community and the university. The party feels comfortable with "the worse, the better" and couldn't seem to care less about the way the university's good name has been harmed and what its students must be thinking, immersed in a conflict they haven't sought but which will decisively affect them given that a degree from this university will henceforth not be exactly a reason for pride. A similar situation was experienced by Esade business school when it found itself involved in the case of Iñaki Undargarin, since the former duke of Palma had studied there. The Nóos affair ended up having serious consequences for Esade beyond the secretary general's resignation and the departure of Diego Torres, a lecturer sentenced to 8 years and 8 months in prison. Ciudadanos should have already joined the motion of no-confidence but they're still working on their calculations.

The third consequence should have been more decisive action from the education ministry, headed by Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, who has limited itself to watching from the stands and avoiding the sarcastic tone which he seems to keep for only when it's talking about Catalonia. The fact that Cifuentes is a member of his party can't be a coincidence, nor the apparent slowness of public prosecutors or the fact that the police haven't gone in to take charge of the corresponding documentation. Maybe it's much more difficult to burst the mastergate bubble than it is to invent stories about the violence in Catalonia and accuse the CDRs of terrorism. Regardless that the list of evidence against the woman arrested in Viladecans is limited to posters, t-shirts and yellow items, including a whistle. An a Google Maps screen shot. What times these are!

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