What we do

ElNacional.cat is a Catalan newspaper of European and global vocation, that was born on the Internet under the direction and impulse of the journalist José Antich, together with a team of professionals dedicated to the values of journalism, yet with an open, free and plural outlook.

ElNacional.cat has its key focus on the political, economic, social, sporting and cultural sectors, with special attention to the dynamic news of Catalonia.

ElNacional.cat is edited primarily in Catalan and Spanish (as well as this version in English), and through its digital environment it offers both a channel of expression and permanent interrelation with its readers and the entire citizenship.

ElNacional.cat is committed solely to providing unbiased reporting and objective information for its readers. The newspaper reflects the values of  journalism as a tool in its mission to explain and understand the reality, presented via its digital environment.



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