José Antich

Journalist since 1977 and newspaper editor since 2000, in 2015 I launched, without a doubt the most exciting journalistic adventure of my long professional life. There is nothing like seeing a project of this magnitude being born, growing and consolidating. El Nacional is more than just an episode in my career, which previously took me through the Agencia EFE, El Periódico, El País and, finally, La Vanguardia. For almost fourteen years I directed a real transatlantic liner of the press, which I tried to steer closer to the majority positions of Catalan society, until my plan ran aground in December 2013, amid fears and threats. After a sabbatical year in Paris and having turned down several offers, I realised there was nothing more exciting than substituting the leadership of the largest newspaper in Catalonia for another that at that time was the smallest of all, as it did not yet have its first reader. And thus the endeavour of El Nacional was born, a venture which, in record time and with the efforts of an impressive professional team, has taken the lead among the digital native newspapers of Catalonia. Nor is this the end we have dreamed of and aspire to. We will continue to fight the battle, accompanying those who believe that Catalonia has not reached its goal. And making El Nacional the newspaper of reference for the highest possible number of Catalans.

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