Manage your Utiq Service

To withdraw your Utiq consent applicable to this site only, click Withdraw Utiq consent. To view and manage all Utiq consents that you have given so far, including to withdraw them all at one or individually per site, or to deactivate or prevent the activation of the service, access Utiq’s consenthub.​​​​​​​ If you have withdrawn your consent but want to make use of the Utiq Service again, click Utiq Consent Pop-Up.


About the Utiq Service

The Utiq Service gives you enhanced control and transparency over the use of your data when you enable a personalised experience or analytics in websites that partner with Utiq. As part of the Utiq Service, you are given access to a self-serve centralised privacy portal, known as Utiq’s consenthub​​​​​​​, which enables you to manage your Utiq Service privacy preferences and Utiq consents, as well as to exercise your data protection rights. At any time. In one place. This is an optional service, which means that it is not enabled by default and it is only turned on when you give your express consent on a participating website through the dedicated Utiq consent pop-up. Learn more about the Utiq Service in consenthub.utiq.com​​​​​​​


About our partnership with Utiq

The Utiq Service is operated by Utiq SA/NV and provided in partnership with your network operator and participating sites like us. We act as a joint controller together with Utiq to deliver the Utiq Service. As part of our joint controller arrangement:

  • The processing related to the Utiq Service is based on consent that we collect on behalf of the Utiq ecosystem in our websites where we integrate the Utiq Service.
  • For websites where we integrate the Utiq Service, you will have access to a dedicated link in the footer of the page to provide you with information about the service, how to manage it and inform you of our partnership with Utiq.
  • Utiq provides you with a centralised privacy portal (consenthub​​​​​​​) to facilitate the exercise of your data protection rights and enable you to easily manage your Utiq consents and Utiq Service privacy preferences. At any time. In one place.
  • Notwithstanding that you may exercise your rights in respect of any of the controllers, Utiq acts as the common contact point for any questions or requests you may have in relation to the Utiq Service.

If you have given consent to enable the Utiq Service when you first visited our site, Utiq will only share two secure marketing signals with us. These are known as martechpass and adtechpass and are random values generated by Utiq which, without revealing your identity, allow us to recognise you as the same visitor so that we can offer you personalised content and advertising or for analytics, depending on which additional consents you have given us for these purposes. The martechpass and adtechpass expire after 90 days or 24hrs respectively and are stored on your browser along with related first-party cookies. You can find further information about the Utiq Service in Utiq’s consenthub​​​​​​​ or in Utiq’s Privacy Statement​​​​​​​.