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The alleged list of evidence which Spain's Civil Guard took from the residence of the woman arrested yesterday accused of rebellion and terrorism has now been published. It was revealed by the Committee for Defence of the Republic and the woman's defence counsel, who said there was nothing which could link her with sabotage or terrorism activities.

So far, there had been an audio recording made public explaining the actions and strategies the CDRs supposedly were planning for Holy Week, like blocking entry to Mercabarna, an industrial estate in Barcelona containing wholesale markets and hundreds of companies related to the food industry, and the city's port.

The items now allegedly found by the Civil Guard include posters and t-shirts in support of the political prisoners and last year's referendum, card masks with the face of Jordi Cuixart, imprisoned president of Òmnium Cultural, lottery tickets to collect money for those facing trial over their roles in the independence movement, various yellow-coloured items, including a whistle, permission for holding a "ludic activity" and materials for the same like drinks tickets and posters.

There had also been comments about the discovery of documents relating to the Civil Guard's headquarters in Barcelona, which now are reported to be a screenshot of a route map. The defence say it's a Google Maps image, showing directions to the gendarmerie's building, in front of which numerous protests have been held over recent months.

The police say they also confiscated a diary, external hard drive, computer and mobile phones.

Defence deny the organisation of any sabotage

Jordi Busquets, lawyer for the woman arrested yesterday, denies that his client led the CDR or organised acts of sabotage. He insists that she is only recorded as having been identified by police whilst closing a road at Soses in the west of Catalonia after Carles Puigdemont's imprisonment, and as having taken part in a public event collecting money to support the political prisoners.

The activist's lawyer will use the defence that none of the actions his client mentioned in the audio recording ended up taking place: oil wasn't sprayed on roads, nor was any railway blocked, nor were entries to Mercabarna or Barcelona's Port closed off.

According to legal sources, the person arrested remains in a Civil Guard cell and is to be made available tomorrow to National Audience court judge Diego de Egea facing accusations of rebellion, sedition and belonging to a terrorist group. Tamara C. G. has invoked her right to remain silent before the Civil Guard, waiting to testify in court tomorrow. She also refused to assent to the handwriting and DNA tests that officers wanted to carry out, in case they are needed during the trial.

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