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Below is a selection of updated graphs showing the evolution of key indicators for Covid-19 in Catalonia and Spain.  

1: CATALONIA Daily new confirmed cases

New Covid-19 cases (yellow bars), and rolling seven-day average (blue trend line) of new confirmed cases.     

A series of graphs breaking these figures down into the different Catalan health regions can be found here.

2: SPAIN Daily increases in deaths and new cases

Daily deaths in the last 30 days.

Daily new confirmed cases in the last 30 days.

3: CATALONIA Cumulative totals for deaths, cases and recoveries 

Total confirmed cases (blue), total deaths (black). 

4: SPAIN Cumulative totals for deaths, cases and recoveries 

Total confirmed cases (blue), total deaths (black) total medical all-clears (green).

5: CATALONIA ICUs Occupancy of intensive care units. 

Dark brown bars: number of serious Covid-19 cases in ICUs on each day.

6 SPAIN Total confirmed cases by autonomous communities.

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