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On December 27th, 2020, the first shots of the Pfizer vaccine were administered to elderly residents in care homes around Spain, coinciding with the start of vaccination all over Europe. The vaccination plan for the Spanish state defined a total of 14 different groups in the population - mostly on the basis of their vulnerability to the virus arising from age and health factors as well as prioritising essential occupations. The plan was conceived centrally, but delivered to users by each autonomous health system - in Catalonia, by the Catalan Health Service

The vaccine progress, shown on the graphs below, began in fits and starts, and gathered speed from April on. In parallel, the effects began to be noticed in the Covid data. But now the emergence of the Delta variant has added new urgency to the process.

If you are in Catalonia and have not yet booked your jabs, you should do so either online (in Catalan or Spanish) or by seeking advice by telephone from the 061 health line (operators available who speak English and other languages) or by calling your own primary care centre (CAP).         

What proportion of each group has been vaccinated?

The two graphs below show the proportion of each group which has (a) had a first vaccine shot and (b) been fully vaccinated. Touch each of the 20 horizontal bars (or hover your mouse over it) to see the population category it represents. English translations of all categories are below the graphs.  

Above: Percentage of different groups in Catalonia who have received at least a first vaccination dose against Covid-19 (yellow)

Above: Percentage of different groups in Catalonia who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 (yellow)


The 20 bars on each graph represent, from top to bottom: 
1. People living in institutions; 2. People in care homes; 3. Hospital and primary care workers; 4. Other health and social-health workers; 5. People with high dependency; 6. People aged 80 or over; 7. People aged 70-79; 8. People aged 66-69; 9. Essential workers: 10. People aged 60-65; 11. People aged 50-59; 12. People aged 45-49; 13. People aged 40-44; 14. People aged 35-39; 15. People aged 30-34; 16. People aged 20-29; 17. People aged 16-19; 18.  People aged 12-15;  19. Proportion of Total population aged 16 or over; 20. Proportion of Total population.  

How many people in total have received Covid vaccinations in Catalonia?

Although vaccinations began on December 27th, 2020, as in most European Union countries, it was not until April that the pace of vaccination really sped up in Catalonia. This was mainly due to a lack of supply.

Above: How many vaccines have been administered in Catalonia? (Yellow = first dose, green = second dose) 


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Main image, a health worker prepares a vaccine dose / CatSalut