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What is the current state of the coronavirus in Catalonia, region by region? Based on the figures published by the Catalan government's Open Data portal, has plotted the daily progression of the data for each Catalan health region: new Covid-19 cases (yellow bars), and the rolling seven-day average (blue trend line) of new confirmed cases. Note that results include only those of PCR diagnostic tests.

The graphs show the state of new coronavirus cases in Catalonia as a whole; in its nine health regions: Lleida, Alt Pirineu, Catalunya Central, Girona, Barcelona City, Barcelona Metropolitan Area (North), Barcelona Metropolitan Area (South), Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre. The graphs are regularly updated as new data arrives, and this also includes correction of previous figures, given that some cases are not included in the data for some time after they have been detected.

Due to this data updating, graphs will normally show a downward trend for the last few days of data they record. This can be misleading and a more reliable idea of the trend is seen by ignoring the data for the last 3-4 days charted.     

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