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There seems to be no end to the extramarital scandals of former Spanish king Juan Carlos I. Whilst many are now talking of his wife's alleged relationship with the widower of the duchess of Alba, Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera has turned the focus back on the abdicated monarch with a new bombshell.

The story, which allegedly took place some years ago, is worthy of a comedy. The king was apparently on a yacht with a young, beautiful model when a secret service agent shouted: "Quick, the queen is arriving!".

The only solution they could think of at that point was to pick up the girl by her arms and legs and throw her into the sea. From there she was rescued, of course, but in the most complete silence. Meanwhile, on the other side of the yacht, queen Sofia arrived to surprise her husband, happy to see him casually with a bottle of cava in his hand.

The Italian paper could not be more excited about this juicy story. In fact, they are closely following all developments, to the point of publishing a special report on his birthday going back over his turbulent love life.

Translation: A failed coup, 1500 women and oblivion: the story of Juan Carlos, forgotten king

This new story comes shortly after a subeditor of Spanish magazine Interviú confessed the existence of a report (in Catalan) including photographs of the king completely naked. And we can't forget the new paternity test request a Belgian woman has made. And all the while, there is the ghost of another alleged illegitimate daughter (in Catalan) hanging in the air.

It now seems ever more evident that the king has lived the most intense of double lives.


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