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The romantic companion of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Alberto González Amador, has been accused of defrauding the Spanish Treasury of more than 350,000 euros, as reported by this Tuesday. The tax agency and public prosecutors in Madrid allege that he carried out tax fraud between 2020 and 2021, through a series of false invoices and shell companies. His partner, the head of the People's Party (PP) government in the Community of Madrid, affirms that she is suffering from political persecution, while the leader of the Socialists (PSOE) in Madrid, Juan Lobato, has made light of the case, warning her: "You can't get away with double standards" - in reference to her statements about the Koldo case, currently impacting the PSOE. But just who is Alberto González Amador, companion of Isabel Díaz Ayuso?

It was at the end of May 2021 that the news broke - at least in Spain's gossip mags: Ayuso had a boyfriend again. Lecturas published exclusive photos of the PP leader with her new partner in Ibiza, after the breakup with previous companion, Jairo Alonso. Paradoxes of life, the Madrid president had found love in the healthcare world, also the source of some of her greatest controversies. The lucky guy was the aforementioned González, a 43-year-old Andalusian (currently 47, three years older than her), resident in the Spanish capital and a health technician. Divorced (like her) and the father of three, with a supposedly cordial relationship with his ex-wife. It is known that they had known each other for some time, introduced by the PP leader's brother - also accused of illicitly enriching himself by selling masks during the pandemic.

Portada Lectura Isabel Díaz Ayuso
The Lecturas cover featuring a report on Isabel Díaz Ayuso's new romantic interest 

Ayuso was unhappy with the publication of the images from Ibiza: "I am not happy with the photos that have been published. He is not a public person and I want to keep this part of my life private. I miss the normal life I had before." But shortly after she presented him in society, during the Hispanidad festivities in October 2021. This is how the media such as Diez Minutos recorded it, with an image that clearly shows what González looks like physically.

The couple were expecting a baby, but Ayuso suffered a miscarriage in the eighth week of pregnancy, at the beginning of July last year. In fact, the Madrid president had to undergo surgery and was off work for several days.

AlbertGonzález, portada Diez minutos
Alberto González and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, together on the cover of Diez Minutos

It has now become known that González owned several companies, which have been investigated by the Spanish tax agency. These are Maxwell Cremona Ingeniería y Procesos para el Fomento del Medioambiente, a health services provider; and Masterman & Whitaker Medical Supplies and Health Process Engineering, a company with no employees in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sector. According to the treasury, this second company was used to divert part of the enormous profits he made during the pandemic.

González did not arrive in this sector after he beginning his relationship with Ayuso, but rather had been working in the field for some time - the romantic relationship began in 2021, but the alleged fraud activities in 2020. Finally, it can be mentioned that he is the owner of the apartment where the couple currently lives. Acquired last summer, it is a luxurious property of 180 square metres in the Madrid neighbourhood of Chamberí, valued at one million euros.