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In a tweet this Tuesday, Catalan protest platform Tsunami Democràtic has announced that "more than 10,000 people are already signed up" on their app to attend the demonstration on 18th December to coincide with El Clásico, the Barça-Madrid fixture that's one of the most hotly-anticipated in the Spanish footballing calendar.

"With #ThePowerOfThePeople we will manage to make visible to the eyes of the whole world the exceptional situation the country is living through", they said, whilst continuing to keep their specific plans secret. They have previously said they plan to "make it clear, in the stands and on the field, the exceptional situation the country is going through".

Tsunami said last week it is "aware of the important of a match like Barça-Madrid for fans of the sport", however, it's also warned that "the political, legal and repressive moment is exceptional". "It has to be understood that it's necessary to sit down and talk about freedom, fundamental rights and self-determination for Catalonia," it added.

Once people have signed up to support the protest, Tsunami have asked those with tickets to the match to let them know via the app.

The match was originally scheduled for October, but postponed over fears it would be disrupted by the protests in Catalonia following the Supreme Court's sentencing of pro-independence leaders.