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Third day of hunger strike for Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Turull: "We're facing it hopefully and with strength".


Via Twitter, Sànchez has said that "the worst days are the first two" and that "my body is still resisting a little... as such, onwards".

Jordi Turull, also on Twitter, wrote: "my body in prison, my heart in Catalonia".

Translation: "3rd day of hunger strike. We're facing it hopefully and with strength. According to what they tell us, the worst days are the first two. My body is still resisting a little... as such, onwards. Light in our eyes and strength in our arms. #Acquittal #FreeEveryone"

Turull's tweet is almost identical, apart from his comment: "my body in prison, my heart in Catalonia".

Today, two of their fellow political prisoners, Joaquim Forn and Josep Rull, have joined the hunger strike.

The director of l'Hospitalet's Moisès Broggi-Central hospital, Jordi Vilarasau, who has advised Sànchez and Turull on their hunger strike, has said that they are "strong" after the first days of their protest.

In an interview this Monday on Catalunya Ràdio, he said that the people who have visited them have found them "fully aware" of the effort their protest would mean and eager to see it through.

He has "full professional confidence" in the medical services of Lledoners prison, which is currently saying they should maintain their daily routines as normal. Vilarasau said that if their health weakens, the prison's doctors could suggest they alter their routine and move to the infirmary.