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By 59 votes to 50, the pact between the three right-wing parties for Andalusia is now a reality. Juanma Moreno has been invested president for PP, with the votes of Ciudadanos and far-right party Vox, after 37 years of PSOE control in Seville.

After the split Parliament resulting from December's election, the left had called for a "fire wall" to be set up around the far right, akin to the moves against Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National in France. Despite this, PP went ahead with negotiating with Vox in Madrid. They ended up with two agreements, one with Cs, who will be their coalition partners, containing 90 points, and a separate one with Vox, a agreement of 37 points.

Vox won't have any role in the Andalusian government, but their confidence and supply was key to the investiture and could be for the legislature. Their 12 votes are expected to be essential to pass bills through the Parliament. Their spokesperson in the chamber, Francisco Serrano, said that "without acrimony, we've fostered the change... it's not been thanks to PP and Cs". He also said they won't give up on their objectives.

Ciudadanos, for their part, have always distanced themselves from the talks and agreement between the other two parties. Juan Marin, now deputy president of Andalusia, said that they are "only linked with the PP by the government agreement".