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This 14th February marks two years since the tragic death of activist and politician Muriel Casals and pro-independence circles have been paying her emotional tributes. A range of political figures, from her successor at the head of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart (link in Catalan), to her counterpart at the Catalan National Assembly, Carme Forcadell, have dedicated comments to the politician, who dedicated the final years of her life to the independence project and who stood alongside Forcadell in the Junts pel Sí candidacy.

Casals (1945-2016) died on 14th February 2016 as a consequence of injuries she suffered after being hit by a cyclist in Barcelona at the end of that January. Casals's death shocked the worlds of Catalan politics and culture far beyond the ranks of the independence movement and cut short her political adventure with the Junts per Sí coalition. She had been one of the main promoters of that project and had a very notable role in it.

The first to react were Òmnium Cultural, the institution which Casals was president of from 2010 to 2015, just as the independence movement was gaining speed. Òmnium has put together a video collecting a number of quotes from Casals, over images showing her long career in social activism.

Former Catalan Parliament speaker Carme Forcadell had a heartfelt message for Casals, as not just a fellow JxSí deputy, but after having worked closely together to organise years of large-scale 11th September pro-independence demonstrations: "Two years ago today Muriel left us. We've missed you a lot, an awful lot, your words, your determination, your smile. Thanks colleague, teacher, friend, for everything you taught us and everything you gave us. We miss you."

Forcadell's successor, current speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent, also had a remembrance for Casals: "Thank you for your strength, your tenderness and your commitment and for everything you taught us, Muriel. We remember you and we miss you."

Another comment came from former CUP deputy Mireia Boya the same day she testified before the Supreme Court over her links with the independence process: "Today I feel you're all very close, and there are more than two million of us. I'm thinking about Muriel Casals who left us two years ago. I'm thinking about all those who have fought for freedom and are no longer here. And nothing buts thanks: head high, fist raised and a smile. We'll win the Republic."

From PDeCAT, senator Josep Lluís Cleries placed his comments in the context of the disagreements between JxCat and ERC over the presidential investiture: "Two years ago, dear Muriel left us. We keep her testimony and her commitment well alive. Now, the best homage we can pay her is a great agreement of the independence movement for this legislature! To continue making headway. Onwards!"

From Junts per Catalunya, minister Jordi Turull and Josep Rull also posted their own tweets in homage of Muriel Casals. Turull: "Two years ago today the dearly-loved Muriel Casals left us. The firm testimony of her character, of her commitment and her determination, have to guide us now more than ever on the path that so many of us, so different undertook. 'We'll be invulnerable if we're together'". Rull: "Two years ago today Muriel Casals left us. The image and the credentials of the Revolution of Smiles. Integrity, respect and ability to put herself in others shoes. Because from unity, everything is possible. 'We're not here to search after a dream. We are the dream.'"