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For the second time in ten days, the subject of Catalonia has been brought up in the House of Commons in Westminster, during its last day sitting before the Easter break. This time, MP Gavin Newlands (SNP) brought up the question of the Catalan independence trial under way in the Supreme Court.


"The ongoing show trial of [9] Catalan political prisoners in Madrid, including the former Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, has been an utter sham, with evidence that would have exposed the charges for the nonsense they are being disallowed by the Spanish court. [May] we have a debate on the importance of the independence of the courts and of this government’s double standards in promoting such across the globe but ignoring the situation in Madrid?" he said.

Note: The MP mistakenly says "18 political prisoners" are on trial. In fact twelve pro-independence leaders are on trial, of whom 9 are prisoners. A number of others chose to go into exile instead, including president Puigdemont.

The Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom (Conservatives), avoided a direct answer, instead repeating the government's line: "The honourable Gentleman will be aware that Spain and the United Kingdom have a very strong and open relationship. The UK is always clear about the need to work within the rules of the constitution and the law and to seek assurances at all times that they are being upheld".

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