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This Friday, Catalan foreign minister Alfred Bosch has asked to meet with the consuls representing the countries of the victims of the 17th August 2017 terror attack in Barcelona to "exchange views" on the new information linking the CNI and the brain of the attacks of Barcelona.

In agreement with President Quim Torra, the minister has sent a letter to all the consuls involved, in which he also reminded that next year it will be two years from the attack and acknowledging the "pain" the attack caused.

He also valued the joint work of the Catalan government and the consulates in those days and asks them to meet "in the same spirit" and "following the latest information about that terrorist attack" to "exchange information on this matter" .

This action follows the letter sent this Thursday  by the Catalan minister of the presidency and government spokeswoman, Meritxell Budó, to vice-president Carmen Calvo and the Minister of Defense Margarita Robles, to request a meeting and demand -the explanations. 

The letters arrive after news revealed by Publico newspaper on the relations between the Spanish secret services, CNI, and Es Satty, which would indicate that the CNI kept the mastermind of the attacks as a confident until one day before the attack, and had tapped the telephones of all attackers.