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Catalan presidency minister and spokeswoman, Meritxell Budó, has sent a letter requesting meetings with the vice-president of the Spanish government, Carmen Calvo, and also with the defense minister, Margarita Robles, to clarify issues regarding 17th August 2017 terrorist attack in Barcelona and Cambrils. The petition comes after news revealed by Público newspaper concerning the relations between the CNI and Es Satty.

Budó also requests that the Spanish executive support the creation of an inquiry commission in the Spanish Congress, which was vetoed at an earlier stage, and asks that they send "instructions to the diverse representatives of the Spanish institutions" so that they attend the one that already exists in the Catalan Parliament. The presidency minister considers that the executive of Pedro Sánchez should give explanations that respond to the "social alarm generated" by the news, and considers that in democracy the "right to the truth" is "indispensable".

Specifically, the Catalan Government is requesting Madrid: "To provide a specific date for a meeting, in whichever format you designate, to inform and give the explanations that you see fit, and so that they can be of use to stop this situation and, as far as possible, end the social alarm generated". Budó defends the commitment of the Catalan executive to "transparency and rigor" and asks Sanchez's ministers to take the same attitude, especially, "to honour the victims and out of respect for their families."


In the letter, the counselor also highlights the work of the counselor Joaquim Forn and the Catalan police (Mossos d'Esquadra) mayor, Josep Lluís Trapero, which she says "made possible both the capture of the terrorists and the provision of all the evidence collected to the judge".


The government's demand comes after the publication, during the last three days, of new information that suggests that the CNI kept the brain of the attacks as a confident until one day before the attack. The news also point to Spanish intelligence services having all the attackers' telephones intervened. At the moment, the Spanish government has avoided giving any explanations on the matter.