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The German courts will have to make another statement about the Catalan independence process. As first reported by NacióDigital and confirmed by foreign ministry sources to, the Catalan government delegate in Germany, Marie Kapretz, has denounced the alleged espionage by Josep Borrell's ministry against her to German prosecutors. The filing is below:


The brief states that although Kapretz was not in office between November 2017 and July 2018, after the takeover of Catalan self-government by Spain), the Spanish secret services monitored her private activity all the same. The complaint also states that the dossier from the Spanish secret services includes information resulting from either monitoring her email, or from some source attending the same events as her, for instance the press conference on 7th April 2018 in Berlin, just one day after the release of president Carles Puigdemont by a Schleswig-Holstein court.

Catalonia's foreign ministry points out that the complaint has been filed on an individual basis and stresses that the Catalan government could not have filed a complaint with the German justice system.

For now, it's up to prosecutors to decide whether there is enough evidence to open a case. In any case, the Catalan conflict has another file opened with German justice, after it dismissed the charge of rebellion -for which pro-independence leaders have faced trial in the Supreme Court- last year.

This new action comes just after the High Court of Justice of Catalonia dismissed the closure of Catalan delegations abroad that Borrell had requested.

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