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Judges from the High Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) have dismissed the request for provisional measures made by the Spanish State Counsel in representation of Spain's foreign ministry, among which was the closure of Catalan government delegations in Berlin, London and Geneva.

The resolution does not enter the substance of the lawsuit, it only responds to the request for precautionary measures, which it dismisses as untimely: "The request for suspensory precautionary measures made by the petitioning party has to be dismissed as untimely, without entering therefore into the examination of the facts and foundations that motivate it."

Earlier this July, the Spanish foreign ministry, run by acting minister Josep Borrell, asked the TSJC for the cautionary closure of the aforementioned three delegations having considered that they are "serving an unconstitutional secessionist project".

The filing presented by Borrell's ministry argued that the activity of the delegations exceeded the powers of the Catalan government in the matter of international relations and that they had an "unconstitutional purpose, such as the creation of a state structure in service of a national transition project of an unconstitutional secessionist character".

Espionage accusations

Borrell's request came a few days before the same ministry was accused of spying the delegations of the Catalan government abroad for months, in particular, the headquarters in London, Geneva and Berlin.