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As you head north to the Pyrenees in Catalonia, you come across two of the country's most famous counties: La Cerdanya and Alt Urgell. And that just so happens to be where the recipe comes from that chef Oscar Manresa from Barcelona's Casa Leopoldo is going to show us today: el trinxat.

To make trinxat, you're only going to need four ingredients (plus a splash of olive oil). As you might guess when you see them below, it was traditionally a dish eaten during winter, but it tastes just as good at any time of year.


  • cabbage - 1
  • potatoes - 4
  • cansalada viada - 4 slices
  • garlic - 1 clove
  • olive oil

Note: Cansalada viada is roughly the same as pancetta, or you could substitute streaky bacon.


  1. Slice the potato and cabbage (see video) and boil in a large saucepan
  2. Once cooked, drain then leave them to sit in a colander to make sure all the excess water is gone
  3. While it's draining, slice the garlic and finely chop your pancetta/bacon
  4. Fry the garlic and pancetta in a large frying pan until they start to take on some colour
  5. Add the potato and cabbage and mash all the ingredients together
  6. Form the mixture (see video) and let it brown on both sides
  7. Serve (Oscar recommends crisping up another slice of pancetta per portion in a separate frying pan to put on top)
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