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Spanish nationalists are continuing their attacks on all types of symbols that show support for Catalan independence or solidarity with the country's political prisoners, encouraged by official messages given by political parties like Ciudadanos and the Popular Party. 

If in recent days, social media has thrown up images such as that of a Spaniard pressuring an Italian businessman to take down a pro-independence estelada flag he was flying at his restaurant (video with Spanish commentary), or an Aragonese mountaineer instructing independence supporters to keep their symbolism within Catalonia itself (video, also in Spanish), now another Spanish nationalist action has taken place, this time in Scotland.

The incident took place earlier in August during the Eden Tournament for amateurs players, held at St Andrews Links. According to the video shared on Twitter, a Spanish nationalist decided that he didn't like the estelada which one of the competitors, Oriol Rocabruna, had placed beside his name and decided to throw it into the garbages, saying that it was “illegal” and abusing it as “shit”. 

The Twitter user's message claims that, apart from the Catalan contestant, "everyone else plays under the flag of their country". In fact, the scoreboard shown in the video reveals that none of the United Kingdom contestants had adopted the UK flag, the Union Jack, but rather all were playing under the flags of England, Scotland and Wales.