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The leader of the Quebec pro-independence party Bloc Québécois, Yves F. Blanchet, has recorded a video message on the occasion of this Sunday's Catalan elections, and has invited Catalans to make use of the right to self-determination as and when they see fit. "We of the Bloc Québécois give unconditional support to your struggle for the right to self-determination, and you will do well as a people and as a nation, to use it as you see fit," he said, implying that it is a decision that belongs to Catalonia.

Blanchet took the opportunity to "demand in the name of decency and democracy the release of the political prisoners detained by Spain." He affirmed that they are imprisoned "for a crime of opinion, for exercising their freedom of expression and for vindicating democratic rights."

"I wish you solidarity, I wish you courage and I offer you the support of all Quebeckers who want their own national independence," he concluded.

The Catalan president in exile, Carles Puigdemont, thanked the Quebec leader for his words. "Dear friend, thank you for your support. Your solidarity is very important to all of us", he noted.

Last week Blanchet participated in a session of the Canadian Parliament wearing a mask with the four red bars of the Catalan flag, and commented that he was doing so in solidarity with Catalonia.

"A few days before the elections in a turbulent context, before Spain and its allies, including Canada, who mocks democracy, I wear the colours of Catalonia to the Canadian Parliament in solidarity with this people and their right to self-determination", said Blanchet at the time.


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