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Spain's Civil Guard has issued summonses to nine further people this Saturday in relation to the protests which blocked the French-Spanish border in the north of Catalonia on 11th and 12th November 2019. On Friday, 10 other alleged protesters were called to report to police in relation to the high-impact protest action led by the Tsunami Democràtic platform.

The news of the latest summonses was announced by the Alert Solidària legal aid group, through social media.

As the tweet says, all the protesters have been called to appear on January 14th and 15th at a Civil Guard police station in Girona.

In total, then, nineteen people are known to have been advised to report for questioning in connection with possible offences of public disorder, damage and actions against road safety. For the moment, defence lawyers do not have access to preliminary investigative documents, and so do not know any more about the case.

For over 24 hours, the AP-7 motorway, the most important France-Spain highway link in the Eastern Pyrenees was blocked in both directions at the northern Catalonia border by a protest called by the Tsunami Democràtic platform.

The protest took place in French territory initially, leading to long traffic tailbacks from early in the morning of November 11th, when the secretly launched action began. The Catalan Mossos police themselves blocked the motorway in Spanish territory to prevent more people from arriving, but thousands of protesters still managed to join in with the blockade.

It was one of the many actions called to protest against the guilty verdicts and heavy prison sentences against Catalan pro-independence leaders, announced by the Spanish Supreme Court on 14th October 2019.