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"We have to support the response of the democratic state of Spain." With these words, the former French prime minister, Manuel Valls, has shown his intention to continue calling out in favour of Mariano Rajoy's government and stay beside its plan to move ahead with the application of article 155, and has asked for respect for the Constitution for "Catalonia, for Spain and for Europe."

Faced with this, his sister, Giovanna Valls, has reproached him, stating that the 155 "is not democratic" because, as has been questioned, "since when has such a beast that ends liberties [been democratic]".

Before this, Valls had praised the editorial of El País, entitled, "The democratic state responds", which endorsed the Spanish government's action with the support of the PSOE and Cs to propose to the Senate the application of 155, stating that "a democracy has to apply the democracy".

On Saturday he already wrote that "as French and Europeans we cannot accept the violation of a democratic Constitution or the dismemberment of an EU state".

Precisely for that reason, and "for respect to the Constitution", he asked for elections in Catalonia.

Already last week, Valls regretted that Europe had not given more support to Rajoy, and reproached the European institutions not to have done anything before the referendum of 1st October.