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Bundestag MP Zaklin Nastic (Die Linke) has called for the Spanish judiciary to act impartially and issue a European arrest warrant against former king Juan Carlos I.

"Now we will see if the Spanish judiciary is democratically and politically impartial. We await a European arrest warrant against the former king, after all, they also issued one against Carles Puigdemont for a referendum, when he was president-elect," she said on Twitter.

The Supreme Court today rejected the adoption of precautionary "flight risk" measures requested by Òmnium Cultural against the king emeritus. The court argued that the procedural system does not provide for the adoption of precautionary measures affecting those who do not have the status of persons under investigation.

Catalan pro-independence group Òmnium made a complaint several weeks ago against the scandal-mired king emeritus, but on Monday its legal services acted to demand urgent measures against the former king, in the face of the "will to flee" that he himself had expressed in a letter as he left Spain.

In European media, there is surprise that the Spanish government says it does not know where Juan Carlos I is. Television network Euronews this morning expressed astonishment about the statement, headlining a newstory with the title "Where is the king?" over images of the Dominican Republic.