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Lluís Llach's emotive protest song L'estaca (The stake) made a powerful grand finale for this Saturday's Catalan independence march in Madrid to protest against the Supreme Court trial of independence leaders and claim fundamental rights.

Thousands of people sang along with the lyrics, joined arms and rocked back and forth, while lighting up the Cibeles square with their mobile phones. The effect was made complete by the dramatic lighting on the Madrid city hall building and the Cibeles fountain.

The internationally-popular L'estaca has become one of the anthems of the Catalan independence movement. Written by Catalan singer-songwriter Llach, its lyrics use the metaphor of a stake, to which we are all tied, to speak of the struggle for freedom. "If we all work together, pull this way and pull that way, we can it pull down and set ourselves free," say the lyrics.    

Lyrics, lighting and song formed a vibrant image that culminated an equally passionate rally.

The singing of L'estaca was the last act in the march, following speeches in which the organizing groups stressed the unity of "all the peoples of Spain" in defense of sovereignty. The demonstration, which brought together 120,000 people according to the organization, filled the Spanish capital's Paseo del Prado.