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As broadcast by television channel 324 and confirmed by, the former speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, has been transferred from the prison of Mas d'Enric to that of Wad-Ras. So, she has moved from the municipality of El Catllar, near Tarragona, to the city of Barcelona. The official explanation is that Forcadell wants to be closer to Sabadell, where many of her family live.

With the prison authorities having already approved the transfer, the change of centre took place this Monday morning. The former parliamentary speaker, linguist and activist will need to present a new proposal for work leave under article 100.2 due to the change of centre.

Carme Forcadell has been in prison for 816 days, more than she served as speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia: she presided over the Catalan chamber for 814 days, as she herself recalled in a tweet last week: "Tomorrow I will have been in prison for 814 days, the same number of days that I was speaker of Parliament. I will always defend freedom of expression. The only limit is the respect of human rights."

Forcadell is serving a sentence of 11 years and 6 months for sedition, one of the nine Catalan pro-independence politicians and civil leaders serving long jail terms for their parts in the Catalan independence referendum and process of 2017.