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It is one year today since the Catalan independence trial came to an end in Spain's Supreme Court. And the nine political prisoners - political and civil pro-independence leaders who are now serving long prison terms for their part in the 2017 independence referendum - recalled the anniversary on their Twitter accounts. Most of them re-posted their final statements to the court with the message that their beliefs and convictions remain "intact", "rock-solid". "We are clear about it," said the president of the cultural society Omnium, Jordi Cuixart, adding as a hashtag the famous line which was also part of his final summing-up last year: "We'll do it again".

Translation of tweet:
"Today, we are clear about it, as we were a year ago in the Supreme Court: #We'll Do It Again"- Jordi Cuixart 

"A year ago the farcical Supreme Court trial came to an end and my convictions remain intact. As I said a year ago, voting cannot be a crime. Despite the sentence, we remain dedicated to the service of the #CatalanRepublic, freedom and justice." — Oriol Junqueras 

Junquera's final statement in the video above began: "I am basically the father of a family and a teacher, my involvement in politics began late, and it was a response, like my involvement in teaching, to a will to serve, a will to be useful, a will to build a better and fairer world."   

"Today, it is a year since my final statement after a mock trial. And despite 843 nights in prison and a sentence of 10 and a half years, my convictions remain rock-solid. We will never give up. Because hope is more powerful than fear." - Josep Rull 

Said Rull: "Whatever sentence you decide, you are not going to take away from me something extraordinarily valuable: the dignity of having defended ideas that are legitimate and noble." "We adopt the universal sentiment of 'We shall overcome' as our own, because hope is more powerful than fear, and after us, others will follow." 


"Today marks one year since our concluding statement at the end of the trial. After 843 nights in prison I reassert every word I said. Convictions and commitment remain intact and more convinced than ever of the need and urgency for Catalonia's independence"— Jordi Turull

A quote from Turull's statement: "For a long long time, everybody was talking about what Catalans wanted or didn't want. That day, every citizen had the opportunity, freely and individually, civilly and peacefully, to make their position clear, with a voting paper as the only instrument." 

"A year ago from my final statement at the trial. That day I said that "your sentence will not only my liberty, but that of many generations." Today, that phrase is still more valid than ever".— Dolors Bassa

Dolors Bassa's closing words: "Your sentence will not only determine the final part of my life, but could be the start of a solution for many people. I ask you to reflect on that... Thank you, your honour, not only for having heard me but for having listened to me."  

"Today it is a year since we gave our final words and the trial of shame came to an end. They did not judge us, they judged our ideas, they did not judge us as citizens, we were the enemies."- Carme Forcadell

"Today marks one year since the end of the trial for the October 1st referendum. I reassert what I expressed in my final statement and I continue to fight for a free and just Catalonia."— Joaquim Forn

As Quim Forn commented in his final statement, in the video: "'It was the happiest day of my life, the most important day of my life', that was the motivation, that's what people express when you ask them how they remember October 1st 2017, a day which will mark many generations of Catalans."