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He did not bite his tongue. The leader of the pro-sovereignty Bloc Québécois denounced Spain's repression against Catalonia before the Parliament of Canada, while also blaming the Canadian government for its complicity with the Spanish state in the face of this problem. MP Yves-François Blanchet recalled on Tuesday that "a very large number of Catalans" are in favour of independence, and pledged to expose Canada's position in order to "get back our dignity". He also highlighted the opportunities to forge alliances with Catalonia, a territory he compared to Quebec: "both are prosperous and innovative and have features in common".


"...We had the opportunity to talk about the right to self-determination of peoples, the aspiration to the independence of Catalonia supported by a very large number of Catalan citizens and the shameful repression that the Spanish government is carrying out against this Catalan popular will, and we had the chance to mention that Canada has taken Spain's side in this repression..." - Yves-François Blanchet, to Canadian Parliament.

The Quebecer condemnation of the political situation in Catalonia was, in part, a reflection of the good relations between the Catalan and Quebec independence movements. The words of Blanchet come shortly after the meeting of Catalonia's foreign minister, Victòria Alsina, with several members of the Bloc Quebecois. The encounter took place almost two weeks ago in Montreal and was fruitful, as a new Catalan government office was opened in Quebec. "We look forward to the opening of the Catalan government's office in Quebec as an instrument that will allow us to continue to build bridges and further strengthen our bonds of deep friendship," Alsina said.

Quebec Assembly's ovation 

At that time, the Legislative Assembly of Quebec gave an effusive reception to Catalan foreign minister Alsina. The speaker of the chamber, François Paradis, announced the presence of the "Catalan minister", and Quebec MPs rose to their feet and applauded in support of Catalonia. Alsina also responded by standing up and returning the applause to the Quebec chamber. "It must be remembered that the Quebec parliament was the only chamber in the world that unanimously passed, across all political families, a resolution in favour of the national interests of Catalonia at the most difficult time in the independence process," the Catalan politician explained afterwards.

Alsina toured Quebec, where she signed a number of municipal and government agreements to strengthen international cooperation ties. Although the high point was on Thursday, May 26th, with the inauguration of the new Catalan government office, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of bilateral relations between Quebec and Catalonia, the relationship has become visible again this Tuesday with the public denunciation made in Ottawa by Blanchet.