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Rank and file members of leading pro-independence organization the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) have given overwhelming support to the proposition that the unilateral route is "the only possible formula" to achieve the independence of Catalonia from the Spanish state. This has emerged in an internal vote by members on the roadmap to independence presented by the national secretariat, which was approved without any amendments.

A close to unanimous 96% of ANC members who participated in the general assembly voted in favour of this roadmap, with only 4% against. The total participation in the general assembly was 5,659 members.

The roadmap also states that the unilateral route must involve "the constant challenging of the Spanish state, as the only possible way to achieve full freedom". It specifies three axes of action along which the push for independence should be organized: popular, institutional and international.

The organization has also set itself the goal of "working to define a shared strategy and have it implemented" and "exerting pressure to avoid deviations from the shared strategy." With regard to this, the ANC has already given a warning about its participation in the National Accord for Self-Determination and Amnesty, the broad strategic forum envisaged in the new government accord and intended to bring together pro-independence political parties and the major civil groups. The Assembly says that its participation in the forum depends on an acceptance of unilateralism.

This is the roadmap approved by the ANC members this Thursday.



With regards to popular mobilization, the Assembly wants to "structure it" and "make it stronger and more cohesive." As well, the group emphasises the need to continue denouncing Spain's violation of rights before the European courts and to "deepen" the internationalization of the process with a "network of international paradiplomacy."

With the roadmap validated, ANC president Elisenda Paluzie together with vice-president David Fernàndez will present the political position of the ANC next Sunday 30th May.

In addition, the ANC membership has also given its approval to the management report of the national secretariat (96% for and 4% against), the economic report for the year 2020 (97% for and 3% against), the proposed 2021 budget (97% for and 3% against), a partial reform of the statutes (76% in favour, 4% against and 20% blank) and a partial reform of the internal regulations (96% for and 4% against).

Here are  the results of the voting: