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Barcelona city hall has hung a banner of a yellow ribbon, the symbol of support for the Catalan political prisoners, back on the building's facade, following the reinvesting of Ada Colau as mayor on Saturday. There was no formal vote, because the board of party spokespeople has not yet met, but the move was supported by Barcelona en Comú, ERC and JxCat.

Predictably, the idea was opposed by PSC, Barcelona pel Canvi-Cs and PP. Colau had already hung such a banner from the building during her previous term, which was removed before campaigning started for the general election in April by order of the Central Electoral Commission.

Janet Sanz, spokesperson for Colau's Barcelona en Comú, said the decision was a demonstration of "solidarity" with the prisoners and that the ribbon symbolises "a joint expression of [support for the] freedom of the political prisoners". She added that no vote was needed because the decision had been taken before the election in May.

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