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Spain's Civil Guard has summonsed under investigation ten people from Girona to testify about the roadblock on the French border organised by Catalan protest platform Tsunami Democràtic on 11th and 12th November last year.

So far, defence lawyers have only found out their clients are under investigation for three charges: public disorderdamages and a crime against road safety. Currently, the defences don't have access to investigation documents.

The ten will have to testify at the police station on carrer Emili Grahit in Girona on 14th and 15th of this month. In mid-December, the Spanish National Police had summonsed ten people to testify over the same protest.

The AP-7 and N-II motorways were blocked for two days on the border between France and Spain in both directions for around 48 hours. The protesters, the vanguard of which prepared the action in secret, set up the block on the French side of the border to try to avoid legal consequences in Spain.

The protest was one of many organised in response to the sentences handed down by Spain's Supreme Court a month earlier against pro-independence leaders.

Currently, the defences don't have access to the ???