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Following December's Andalusian election, this week PP and Cs closed an agreement with far-right party Vox to invest a government. In Sweden, however, it now appears politicians have managed to put together a complicated agreement to form a government, shutting out the apparent far-right kingmakers. Prime minister Stefan Löfven's centre-left Socialdemokraterna is reported to have concluded successful negotiations with the centrist Centerpartiet, centre-right Liberalerna and green Miljöpartiet.

September's election left a hung parliament, with the left-wing bloc headed by Löfven's party getting 144 of the 349 seats. The so-called Alliance, which includes Centerpartiet and Liberalerna, was just pipped to the post, getting 143 seats, whilst the remaining 62 went to far-right Sverigedemokraterna.

A pact between members of the two great blocs was seen as very difficult to reach, leading the country's politics to a great impasse, and weeks of intense discussions at all levels. After four months, however, it appears they've managed to find a solution, and one which maintains a firewall around the far-right populists.

This marks a sharp contrast with the Spanish parties in Andalusia, where there seemed to be little serious public consideration of options other than PP and Cs getting Vox's support.