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The Spanish political landscape is shifting. Whilst governing PSOE is extending its lead over the other parties, Ciudadanos and Podemos have both leapfrogged PP. Meanwhile, far-right Vox is continuing its strong growth. Those are the headlines from this month's statistics from CIS (Centre for Sociological Research).

Specifically, according to this month's barometer of public opinion, PSOE would come first in a Congress election, growing from 28.9% direct vote intention share to 29.9%. They are followed by Cs on 17.7%; Unidos Podemos and affiliated parties on 15.4% and PP on just 14.9%.


For their part, far-right Vox sees the greatest growth, up to 6.5% from 3.7% in December. That month, they shocked by far outstripping how well surveys had predicted they would do in the Andalusian election.

Whilst Vox's growth seems unstoppable, Pablo Casado's PP continues to shed voters. This month they've plummeted from 19.1% to 14.9%.


Among the other questions CIS asks in their monthly barometer is what issue most worries respondents. This time, the issue which most worries the most Spaniards is unemployment (34.2%; 56.8% of respondents listed it among their top three). Behind it comes the political class (16.7%), corruption and fraud (10.8%) and economic problems (7.2%).

As for the "independence of Catalonia", only 2.5% of those surveyed it gave it as the greatest problem; 6.8% put it among their top three.

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