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The speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent, has again proposed Jordi Sànchez for investiture as president. The news has been confirmed by various representatives of the parties which he has already called. In fact, Miquel Iceta, leader of PSC, has already posted publicly about it on Twitter. All that remains is the official confirmation.

Torrent is this Friday holding a round of negotiations with the different parties in the Parliament by phone, which finished around 8pm.

Translation: The speaker of the Catalan Parliament has consulted me about the potential candidacy to the president of Catalonia of Jordi Sànchez. I've repeated the position of PSC's group, opposed to investing anyone who cannot fully carry out the tasks entrusted to them.

This Friday morning, JxCat's spokesperson, Elsa Artadi, said they had an agreement with ERC and CUP to invest Sànchez. This was denied by CUP's Carles Rivera who said their candidate is still Puigdemont.

In a letter sent by Carles Puigdemont to his JxCat party this Thursday, the president urged them to reinstate Sànchez as their candidate, following the UN Human Rights Committee calling on Spain to "take all necessary measures to ensure that Mr Jordi Sánchez i Picanyol can exercise his political rights". Sànchez sent his own letter, accepting to be candidate for an investiture debate. "It's legally just and necessary politically," he wrote.

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