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For the moment, the Spanish government will limits itself to "studying in depth" the request from the Madrid Assembly to ban pro-independence parties. That's the agreement reached by the cabinet in a meeting this Friday. It will ask its legal services to analyse the proposal. Spokesminister Isabel Celaá noted that the Assembly only voted for it this Thursday and that, as such, they have to review whether it is "susceptible" to being challenged before the Constitutional Court or not.

The Madrid Assembly voted yesterday on a proposal from far-right party Vox to ask the Spanish government to ban "the separatist parties who attack the nation's unity". The resolution also urges the European Union to add the Catalan Committees for Defence of the Republic to its list of terrorist and criminal organisations. It was passed by 66 votes in favour (from PP, Cs and Vox) to 58 against (from PSOE, Podemos and Más Madrid).

Celaá said that "the legal aspects of this resolution" need to be studied before the government takes a decision on it. That means it will next be on the central government's agenda after Sunday's Spanish general election.