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Spain's Constitutional Court has not accepted into consideration the appeals from PDeCAT (Catalan European Democratic Party) and ERC (Catalan Republican Left) against the Spanish Senate moving ahead with their application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution which would lead to intervention in Catalan autonomy. The Supreme Court has also rejected the appeals they were presented with.

The pro-independence parties were asking for the cautionary suspension of the Senate's processing of the measures planned by Mariano Rajoy's Spanish government against the Catalan authorities via the article.

The appeal to the Constitutional Court was presented electronically on Wednesday afternoon, the appeal to the Supreme Court this morning, Thursday. The second court, with maximum speed, has decided on the request for emergency suspension and rejected it.

The administrative litigation court of the Supreme Court rejected the measures requested by the appeals, saying that the Senate's actions represent the start of a constitutional process led by the Senate and that, currently, "there therefore haven't been the 'ad extra' legal effects argued by the appellant".

The "very cautionary" measure doesn't require the appearance of the relevant parties, unlike a cautionary measure, and so gave the court a maximum of 48 hours for its decision from the moment the appeal was registered.

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