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Details are slowly starting to emerge of the planned response to the upcoming verdicts from Spain's Supreme Court following the trial of pro-independence civil and political leaders. The pro-independence political parties and civil society bodies are generally not showing their cards for the moment and merely calling for their supporters to mobilise when the time comes.

Now, however, the platform Tsunami Democràtic has sent a message warning: "The response which has been organised aims to generate a situation of a widespread crisis in the Spanish state which will be extended in time" and that "they won't be able to stop the strength of the people".

Without going further, they call for supporters to keep an eye on their social media channels, adding that: "when the sentence is released, you'll have to stop what you're doing". The response they have prepared "requires an immediate reaction", they say.

Tsunami Democràtic aren't the only group organising actions to respond to the verdicts. The ANC (Catalan National Assembly) has said it will organise three marches to collapse the road network which will converge on Barcelona; SEPC (Union of Students of the Catalan Countries) has called on university and secondary school students to stop attending class for three days. Meanwhile, pro-independence union Intersindical-CSC has called a general strike for 11th October, but its stated aims make no mention of the trial.

For the moment, it's unknown when the sentences will be published, although various sources suggest it will be at the end of next week.