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The Spanish public prosecution service has opposed the applications from Carme ForcadellJosep RullJordi SànchezJordi TurullDolors Bassa and Joaquim Forn for release on bail whilst the court is adjourned pending a verdict in their case.

In their written opinions, submitted to the Supreme Court today, they make it clear they are opposed to the court releasing them from prison, based on the "extraordinary seriousness of the charges" against them and the "risk of reoffending".


The prosecutors also believe the defendants pose a flight risk, again citing the example of Carles Puigdemont and some of their other colleagues who went into exile instead of attending the initial hearing in a Madrid court in 2017. They argue that keeping them in prison therefore would guarantee that any potential sentence can be carried out.

They believe the trial has shown the defendants are guilty of the charges against them and that: "Far from any emotion of contrition or repentance for the serious attack on the constitutional order they led, they've insisted to the end (their statements exercising their rights to a final speech are a good demonstration of this) in the direct rejection of the restoration of the legal order by the state, and in the absolute conviction that they would again commit the criminal acts which are the subject of the trial".