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Thirteen further officers of Spain's National Police will be investigated for their roles in the attacks during last year's Catalan referendum at Ramon Llull school in Barcelona. That was where a man named Roger Español lost an eye to a police rubber bullet. A Barcelona court is analysing videos and images to determine the actions of each agent. Today's announcement brings to 22 the agents under formal investigation.

According to their order, as first reported by Voz Pópuli, the judge believes it's been demonstrated that "several rubber bullets were fired, 17 in total" and that "one shot hits Roger Español, who falls to the ground, straight in the face". They add that "the ID number of the officer who fired the round cannot be seen in the images".

The decision comes after analysing 390 photographs and more than nine hours of video, as well as recordings by the police themselves.

The judge accepted the request from prosecutors to summons Español to court both as a victim, and also as a person under investigation. "At a certain moment, before suffering his serious injury, he throws a metal barrier at an officer and also kicks one of these barriers, which hits an officer," they say.

Five other officers were placed under investigation last week: three for the actions at Àgora school, one for Escola Pia de Sant Antoni and one for Infant Jesús school, all in Barcelona. Two weeks ago, the same judge summonsed three officers for "disproportionate and dangerous" actions at IES Pau Claris and another for Escola Mediterrània.

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