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JuntsxCat negotiators have this afternoon sent Esquerra Republicana Catalana the declaration in the form of a proposed resolution with which the pro-independence parties could express before the Catalan Parliament their recognition of Carles Puigdemont as president, El Nacional has learnt.

This declaration would have to come before a presidential investiture debate, the idea being it would unblock the situation. The text includes a defence of the legitimacy of Puigdemont's presidency, as well as denouncing the suspension of Catalan self-government via article 155 of the Spanish Constitution.

Despite the variety of proposals that have been suggested in recent days, sources with knowledge of the negotiations say that, once the restorative declaration is made, if it becomes clear that Puigdemont's investiture would run into problems, another candidate would be nominated, which could be Jordi Sànchez or former minister and government spokesperson Jordi Turull.

ERC will have to study the proposal in the coming hours from both political and legal perspectives before giving their reply. This afternoon, Pere Aragonès and Miquel Martín Gamisans met with JuntsxCat representatives, and they will have to meet again tomorrow, although it's considered highly improbable that the proposal could be signed then.

In the meeting held on Monday in Brussels, also attended by CUP, the possibility of recognising Puigdemont in the Parliament, invoking the referendum and declaration of independence, was brought up. Such a resolution, according to the forecast communicated to CUP, should be approved by the end of this week.