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The Barcelona judge investigating the police operation against last year's Catalan referendum has asked the Spanish National Police to provide all the video recorded by its anti-riot officers that day. According to, the request is recorded in a ruling from 13th September.

The judge requires the Spanish National Police hand over the image "duly catalogued by polling station and in chronological order". This measure was requested by Barcelona city council, involved in the case as acusación popular1.

The police are also asked to report "all the service orders which would have been carried out on the occasion of the special deployment" in Barcelona that day. The decision followed a first delivery from the police of five videos, two from Jaume Balmes school, three from Ramon Llull school.

The news comes a day after a number of police body cam videos were published publicly for the first time. Last week, the same court placed 13 more police officers under investigation for their actions that day.


Translator's note:

1. An acusación popular, in Spanish law, allows for parties to participate in legal proceedings to defend the law, without demonstrating direct personal harm.

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