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Pro-independence parties JxCat and ERC will this Thursday bring a vote in the Catalan Parliament on the withdrawal of the Civil Guard from Catalonia. They argue "it has been overtly shown to be a political police force which is focused on persecuting determined political and social groups, completely redundant when it comes to guaranteeing public safety". This comes after the force's arrests on Monday of nine pro-independence activists on charges including terrorism and rebellion.

In the proposal, presented as part of the ongoing general policy debate to open the political year, they also call for the resignation of the Spanish government's delegate to Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera. They say she is "manifestly incapable of guaranteeing the public's fundamental rights." Shortly after this week's detentions, she said they were of a "preventive nature" to avoid "possible criminal acts".

The two parties also want the Parliament to demonstrate its support for president Quim Torra in the context of his upcoming trial. Spain's Central Electoral Commission, they say, was violating the "right to freedom of expression" by ordering him to remove yellow ribbons from public buildings.

JxCat and ERC, following the accusations brought to light on Monday, double down on the independence movement's "civil, peaceful and democratic" trajectory and denounce its repression at the hands of the Spanish state. They also criticise the state for its lack of willingness to engage in dialogue to find a solution to the conflict. With the support of CUP, they propose calling for an amnesty for the prisoners, in case they are found guilty next month.