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The Catalan independence movement has shown its indignation at learning of the imprisonment without bail pending trial of vice-president Oriol Junqueras and seven fellow ministers. Among those to speak out against the decision are the speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, the chamber's first secretary, Anna Simó, as well as pro-independence deputies from both Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes) and CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy) like Lluís Llach and Mireia Boya.

The judge from the National Audience court, Carmen Lamela, gave the order for Junqueras along with ministers Jordi Turull (Presidency), Josep Rull(Territory), Raül Romeva (Foreign Affairs), Joaquim Forn(Interior), Carles Mundó (Justice), Dolors Bassa (Work) and Meritxell Borràs (Governance). Also imprisoned is ex-minister Santi Vila (Business), but he has been offered bail, set at 50,000€.

Forcadell and Simó, who this morning went to Spain's Supreme Court facing their own charges but, in the end, got a stay on their initial hearing until next week, .

Translation: They've sent to prison the democratically elected government. Unjust. Indecent. We're with you and your families. 

What rule of law is this?

From the ERC (Catalan Republican Left), the party's general secretary, Marta Rovira, sent the following tweet.

To all democrats: we will not stop until they're back home!

PDeCAT's (Catalan European Democratic Party) general coordinator, Marta Pascal, also commented via Twitter, as did the party's organisational coordinator, David Bonvehí.

Now they're putting our ministers in prison. They think that with them [they're imprisoning] our ideas and institutions. We'll make it clear to them that they're not! #Freedom #Unity

Spain has imprisoned a government democratically elected by the Catalan people. The whole world should know it! 

Awful. Terrible day for Catalonia. Our government imprisoned. Europe, intervene! World, intervene!

As for pro-independence deputies, Lluís Llach, Alba Vergés and Albert Batet all commented from Junts pel Sí and Mireia Boya for CUP.

Neo-Francoism in power, and if we were to stop the machines? 

And as always, the dignity of the imprisoned legitimate government will only be surpassed by the defence and dignity of everyone in the streets. #LetsDefendTheRepublic

If Europe allows it, the shame of Spain will be the shame of Europe! How shameful! How sad! We will not weaken! 

The legitimate government in prison. It's a fascist state. If we normalise it they end us as a people. Let's react for human rights and the republic.

Other political leaders to make their feelings clear on Twitter were the former mayor of Barcelona Xavier Trias, and the head of ERC in Barcelona city hall, Alfred Bosch.

A state which imprisons decent people is an indecent state. All my affection and solidarity to the members of the government that today they've sent to prison. 

Anger. Impotence. We will fight. We will not surrender. We love you. We want you home.

Josep Maria Terricabras, MEP from ERC, also added his voice to the criticism.

Embarrassing political scandal. The state is definitevely indecent.

Senator Josep Lluís Cleries posted a photo of those imprisoned today, except Junqueras and Vila, with the title "Freedom" in large text across the image.

All my affection and solidarity for the ministers of the government of the Catalan nation! Enough injustice!

Finally, former CUP deputy, David Fernández, referred to the elections in Catalonia called by Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy for 21st December.

Let the 21st December be the tomb for the fear of democracy.