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Bundestag member Zaklin Nastic (Die Linke) has reacted to the latest wave of charges of senior Catalan officials over the 2017 referendum.

"More Catalans are threatened with draconian punishments in Spain. Here they would set another example, in order to squash the movement around Carles Puigdemont on the path of justice again," she wrote on Twitter.


Nastic also shared an article (in German) from Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung about yesterday's announcement of charges against thirty senior Catalan officials over the 2017 referendum.


"Numerous further members of the Catalan separatist movement come to the dock in Spain because of the illegal independence referendum from autumn 2017. The competent investigating judge in Barcelona has decided after an over a year-long investigation to open a lawsuit against a total of 30 politicians and civil servants, the justice system announced on Tuesday. They are charged with misuse of public funds, malfeasance and disobedience, among other things, in connection with the vote. No date has yet been given for the start of the trial".


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