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The Catalan presidency minister, Jordi Turull, and former president of the Catalan National Assembly, Jordi Sànchez, are now four days into their indefinite hunger strike in protest of the delays by the Constitutional Court hearing their appeals, which is preventing them from turning to the European Court of Human Rights. And today, they have been joined by their colleagues Joaquim Forn and Josep Rull.

Forn and Rull have posted identical tweets this morning to coincide with the official start of their strike. Their message reads:

"Today, 4th December, I'm starting a hunger strike to denounce the arbitrary and irregular block by the Constitutional Court which is preventing access to European justice. Thank you for the demonstrations of support and solidarity, because without them nothing would be possible."

Sànchez and Turull posted their own messages on Twitter again today.

Translation: "4th day of hunger strike. An appeal against pretrial detention has to be resolved within a maximum period of 30 days. That's established by the doctrine of the Constitutional Court itself! My first appeal, presented 374 days ago! Light in our eyes and strength in our arms! 

Translation: "4th day of hunger strike. Minister Quim Forn and minister Josep Rull are joining the strike. We'll continue denouncing the violation of ours rights every day. My body in prison, my heart in Catalonia."

Jordi Pina, the lawyer representing Sànchez, Turull and Rull, has told Catalunya Ràdio that "some of the appeals which were presented have now had no response for more than a year" and emphasised that the "hunger strike is a personal decision" and that, as such, "we shouldn't distinguish or say that they're better those who are striking than those who aren't".