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The body coordinating actions in support of the hunger strike undertaken by the Catalan political prisoners has announced a series of collective fasts in solidarity. Two are planned for Montserrat and Cornellà, with a third being prepared in Barcelona. The one at Montserrat will start at 7pm on Sunday with a symbolic ceremony, starting with drinking a glass of water.

According to the body's spokespeople, Jordi Vilarasau and Vicenç Relats, the fast follows on from others held last year. It is aimed at people between 18 and 75 years of age who will have to pass a medical check before they start, on top of the monitoring during the process. The fast is to last a minimum of two days and a maximum of seven and there is a limit of ten people.

They describe the initiative as "an action of awareness, suitable for the movement of non-violence". It is being promoted online through the website ("enough hostages"), where all those who want to take part will have to sign up. Last year, more than 300 people took part in fasts.

The coordination body was formed this Monday and includes, among others, the Catalan National Assembly (ACN), Òmnium Cultural, the Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI) and the Association of Municipalities of Catalonia, and political parties ERC, PDeCAT, CUP, JxCAT, as well as Elisenda Alamany and Josep Nuet (Catalunya en Comú).

The fast at Montserrat will take place in the monastery itself, in a specially-prepared space. The one in Cornellà will start next week, on 14th December, at the Santa Maria parochial house, the same location as last year. It's expected that the site in Barcelona will be ready on Friday, although it's not yet confirmed.

The fasts will come alongside other actions. Currently, the AMI is organising the presentation of motions in town councils in support of the hunger strike.

According to the spokespeople, "the group's aim is to discuss and share the different initiatives which might arise looking towards supporting the hunger strike and any other action which the prisoners might undertake".