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The High Court of Justice of Catalonia has admitted for consideration a lawsuit against Catalan president Quim Torra. Prosecutors argue he committed disobedience by not complying with Central Electoral Commission orders to remove yellow ribbons and other symbols from public buildings.

President Torra received official notification of the complaint this afternoon. "In the face of an authoritarian state, we've decided to live without fear. With freedom of expression, no matter the cost", he said in a tweet alongside a photo of him signing the notification.

Prosecutors entered the lawsuit last Wednesday, following instructions from Spanish attorney general María José Segarra.

The complaint accuses the president of "disregarding" the Central Electoral Commission's order when, "consciously and deliberately", he decided to keep "partisan" symbols displayed on public buildings under the control of his government.


The court chamber in question, presided over by the head of the whole High Court, Jesús Barrientos, didn't analyse the facts in the ruling to admit the complaint for consideration. They nominated Carlos Ramos Rubio as investigating judge. President Torra can present an appeal to the court for them to reconsider.