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Spain's Central Electoral Commission is unsatisfied with the response to its instructions to remove yellow loops and estelada pro-independence flags from public buildings. They now say it should be all loops, regardless of colour. They have put into action all their sanction powers against president Quim Torra: they've denounced the president to public prosecutors for a possible crime of disobedience, opened a case file and ordered the Catalan interior ministry to order the Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalonia's police force) to remove the posters and estelada pro-independence flags from public buildings.

In an extraordinary meeting which lasted more than two hours this Thursday afternoon in the Congress, the Commission came to the conclusion its instructions haven't been followed. The president could eventually face a fine of up to 3,000€ (£2,600; $3,400). The crime of disobedience they've asked prosecutors to investigate could lead to a possible ban from holding public office.

In his first action as president of Catalonia when he took office last year, Torra had hung a banner from the government palace with a yellow loop and a message in Catalan reading "Free political prisoners and exiles". Last week, the Central Election Commission instructed him to remove it. He ignored their first deadline, after which they set another one for this week, which he also argued he shouldn't have to meet. He asked the Catalan ombudsman to evaluate the issue. The reply was that he should comply; yesterday, Torra announced he would do that.

Various public buildings have found various creative workarounds and alternatives to replace the yellow loops with. Torra's office told the commission that "today, as is public and well-known, there are no estelades or yellow loops on the buildings of the Catalan government". The Commission isn't satisfied, however, and has decided to pursue sanctions.