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Another path closed off by Spain's Constitutional Court, having suspended the commission into the violation of fundamental rights during the 1st October Catalan independence referendum created by Carles Puigdemont's government the following day.

The court has accepted an appeal from the PP government in Madrid for consideration. In doing so, the commission has been automatically suspended.

The president of the Supreme Court and of the General Council of Judicial Power, Carlos Lesmes, had already asked the State Legal Service to take legal action against the government agreement which created the special commission "with the objective of reestablishing constitutional and legal order".


Rejection by judges

Four associations of judges and three of prosecutors, representing practically the whole sector, rejected the Catalan government's decision to create a special commission to investigate the violation of fundamental rights and to help the victims of the police violence unleashed on 1st October.

In a joint statement, the seven associations wanted to "put in evidence" their "emphatic rejection" of the investigating commission as an "unnecessary body", as, in their opinion, "fundamental rights and public freedoms are fully recognised by the Constitution and the law".